After a record-breaking box office weekend in China, the Zheng Xu comedy Lost In Hong Kong is heading into this box office weekend already logging in with a whopping $167M after only seven days in release. It was the highest ever opening for a Chinese film with $107M over the weekend. The blockbuster about a man who becomes involved in a murder investigation while on a sightseeing trip in Hong Kong with his wife and brother-in-law grossed almost $20M yesterday alone and it is also in some theaters stateside. In only 26 locations, Lost in Hong Kong has a total of cume of $743K domestically.

lost in hong kongThe film is a sequel of sorts to the same director’s 2012 hit comedy Lost In Thailand, which ended up grossing $197.8M worldwide with almost 100% coming from international box office receipts.

The film’s performance in China was benefited by the fact that it starred local box office draw Vicki Zhao and that the country has been celebrating National Day this past week — a time when school and businesses are closed. Last weekend, it trampled over all the domestic players in the marketplace, including Mission: Impossible, Minions and Pixels, to take the box office crown.

In other China news: Terminator Genisys, released by Paramount with support from China Movie Media Group, hit the mainland Chinese market on August 23. Currently, the Chinese box office gross on the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring actioner has reached $113M and ranks No. 12; the film has made $440M worldwide.