UPDATE, 8 AM: Speaking this morning on The Week With George StephanopolousBernie Sanders hat-tipped Larry David’s Saturday Night Live impression of him. “I think we’ll use Larry on our next rally,” Sanders said. “He does better than I do.”

EARLIER: After months of separated-at-birth? jokes about Larry David and Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, Saturday Night Live made the dream come true with its cold open last night, a recreation of the Anderson Cooper-moderated, CNN hosted Democratic candidates’ debate. Alec Baldwin was on hand to play ex-Senator Jim Webb, along with Kate McKinnon as her increasingly refined Hillary Clinton (“I think you’re really gonna like the Hillary Clinton that my team and I have created for this debate”), declaring that this time around, “I get to be the cool black guy!”

Larry DavidBut the opener belonged to David, who was dead-on hilarious even without the static-electricity-fried flying hair that’s a Sanders trademark. “I’m hungry, but I’m good,” David-as-Sanders said, “and if you don’t mind, I’m going to dial it right up to a ten. We’re doomed!”

“I don’t have a Super PAC — I don’t have a backpack,” he proclaimed. “I carry my stuff around loose in my arms! Like a professor between classes! I own one pair of underwear, that’s it! Some of these billionaires, they have three, four pairs!”

By the time the bit was done, it was hard to tell who came first — the mastermind of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm — or the socialist-in-“progressive”-clothing candidate. It added up to a great gift for a Saturday night.