Jimmy Kimmel has booked Dem White House hopeful Bernie Sanders to guest on his ABC late-night show tomorrow night. And, of course, if Sanders slams GOP front-runner Donald Trump, like he did when he appeared on Stephen Colbert’s CBS late-night show last month, that will be all to the good — Trump having canceled on Kimmel tonight at the eleventh hour, citing a political commitment. Back then, Sanders told Colbert, “What Trump is doing is appealing to the baser instincts among us — xenophobia and, frankly, racism. You target some group of people, you go after them. You take people’s anger and you turn it against them. You win votes on that. I think that is disgraceful and not something we should be doing in 2015.”

Or, Sanders might just stick to talking about having been played by Larry David on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Back to the Future dashboardAnyway, Sanders’ booking is in addition to Kimmel’s previously booked guest tomorrow night, Michael J. Fox. That’s a particularly auspicious booking for Kimmel, given that tomorrow is Back to the Future Day – October 21, 2015, being the day Fox’s Marty McFly character traveled to in the second Back To The Future film. Sanders is kinda perfect for this day’s booking too; Wonkette.com is selling Bernie for the Future T-shirts.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Live! is taping Brooklyn all week.