MSNBC, which one day earlier enjoyed an 86% spike in primetime overall audience (1.4M viewers) with coverage of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Committee hearing, and a 56% jump in the news demo (233K), tonight landed Clinton’s first interview since the 11-hour hearing and a day of campaigning.

Rachel Maddow asked Clinton if she was “glad” or feels that the hearing was a “waste of time” after committee chairman was quoted as saying afterwards “I don’t that she testified that much differently today than the previous times she testified.”

“I said I would do it, and I did it, because if there is anything new, which is unlikely after the eight prior investigations that have been held, we should know about it,” Clinton responded. “Because the point is, what are we going to do to both honor the people that we lost and try to make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

During the interview Clinton noted, as she had at the hearings, the number of Americans lost in various American facilities around the world since 2001, including an embassy in Beirut. “We had more than a hundred attacks on our facilities around the world since 2001. We live in a complicated, dangerous world.”

Taking another victory lap, said she welcomed a “good conversation where people come to the table ready to actually learn about what we can do” but added, ” I’m afraid that’s, you know, not necessarily what this particular committee is doing.”