Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, who’s having a tough day today at the latest round of Benghazi Committee hearings, has booked to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on November 5.

It will be Clinton’s first appearance on Kimmel’s show since announcing her latest bid for the White House. It’s also the closest she can get to appearing on Kimmel’s show right before Donald Trump hosts NBC’s Saturday Night Live, since Kimmel does not do a Friday original. (Trump, who was supposed to be Kimmel’s guest this week but canceled, has said he’s rescheduled for the same week Clinton is going to be a guest on the ABC late-night show.)

As part of her campaign to show her more human self, the notoriously guarded Clinton already stuck her toe into late-night TV, when she played Telephone with Pretend Donald Trump on NBC’s Tonight Show. Clinton’s appearance brought Tonight its best metered market household ratings for a Wednesday in seven months. Her appearance on Tonight happened the same day Trump clocked record numbers on CNN’s GOP debate.

And, between now and Clinton’s scheduled sit down with Kimmel, she’s scheduled to appear on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show, October 27. That appearance is scheduled to happen one night before Trump stars in the latest episode of GOP debates, this time airing on CNBC.