Stephen Colbert announced he has booked White House race’s current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton to guest on his The Late Show one night before Donald Trump stars in the latest episode of GOP Debates on CNBC:

The news comes just hours after Trump tweeted he will appear at the October 28th debate after all, after threatening to boycott unless CNBC promised to cap the debate at two hours, playing to his strength.

Colbert’s booking news competed for attention this morning with word Joe Biden’s camp had reached out to former staffers asking for their help in a potential campaign, and an email sent to people in key early states detailing how a Biden campaign would be unveiled. Biden already has been a guest on Colbert’s CBS late-night show – a touching appearance in which he talked about the recent death of his son. With Biden not yet announced as a candidate, political wonks named Clinton the winner of this week’s Dem debate on CNN. But some polls showed Bernie Sanders to have emerged victorious, with the night’s most talked about line in re America being sick and tired of Hillary’s “damn emails.”

The notoriously guarded Clinton has braved other talk and late night shows, playing Telephone with Pretend Donald Trump on NBC’s Tonight Show. She’s even taken a question from Spokeswoman of Gen Overshare, Lena Dunham as to whether she’d seen video of the performance in which Lenny Kravitz’s “stuff, like fell out of his pants” for the launch of Dunham’s And yet, to date, Clinton has shied away from Colbert. But she’s finally taking the plunge, with Sanders’ strong showing at the debate and a Biden announcement considered likely this weekend.