UPDATED with video: “Welcome to The Tonight Show. I’m your host, Trippy Fallon,” Jimmy Fallon joked at the top of his first episode since falling in a crowd and this time cutting his right hand. “Of course you may have heard I had yet another mishap. This time I injured my other hand, right after getting an award from Harvard,” said Fallon, who had come out onstage wearing a hard hat.

Four months after nearly losing a finger on his left hand in a fall, Fallon fell Saturday night while celebrating with fans and cut his right hand on a bottle of Jagermeister. Fallon was in Cambridge, being honored by the Harvard Lampoon, when he tripped and fell over a kneeling woman, according to reports. He was treated at Massachusetts General Hospital. After the incident Fallon posted a photo of his hand on Instagram sporting two adhesive bandages on two fingers, writing: “it’s nothing a few Band-Aids couldn’t fix.”

Fallon’s latest fall became part of Monday’s news cycle; CNN crowned him King of Klutzes.

Closing out tonight’s monologue, Fallon noted GOP candidate Chris Christie got kicked out of an Amtrak quiet car for talking too loudly. “That’s right, Chris Christie was kicked out of an Amtrak quiet car. Apparently he was laughing a little too loud when he learned I had injured my other hand.”

After the first commercial break, Fallon explained he’d grabbed the Jagermeister to give to the Harvard band as an award for their performance at the celebration. And the girl over whom he tripped had knelt down intending to “give me a flower or something?”