Carter Covington, executive producer/showrunner of MTV’s popular comedy series Faking It, has sold two new half-hour single-camera comedy projects to the cable network. He is collaborating on both with writers from Faking It.

The first comedy, #blessed (working title), which is still in negotiations, is done with Faking it co-producer Dan Steele. Loosely based on Steele’s experience growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, the project centers on a high school student who has been homeschooled his whole life but wants to go to a public school and secretly starts attending one. “If Faking It is about finding your sexual identity, #blessed is about finding your spiritual identity,” Covington said.

The second project, Click Bait (working title), is done with Faking It story editors Carrie Rosen and George Northy. It is a quirky ensemble comedy following aspiring YouTube stars.

Covington focused on development during the eight-month hiatus from Faking It earlier this year. The comedy series — about two invisible high-school girls who become popular when they are mistaken for a lesbian couple — is airing the second half of the second season, with the writers working on the 10-episode Season 3 order.

“In this season that is airing we are exploring betrayal and how you move past it in a friendship,” Covington said. “Our show loves to push the envelope in the discussion of sexuality, and we will continue to do that in Season 3.”

faking-it-season-2Television played a big part of Covington’s early years in Winston-Salem. “As a little gay boy growing up in North Carolina, I watched a lot of television; it was a safe place for me.” But he said he never dreamed of a career in television, and he graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in foreign affairs and a plan to become a diplomat. He went on to spend a year in Mexico teaching English. But “I missed U.S. television so much, I came back, moving to New York to become an account executive in advertising,” he said. Covington then relocated to Los Angeles to get an MBA and pursue a business career. But the September 11 tragedy changed his plans. “I realized life was short, and I needed to pursue something that made me happy, and television made me happy.” After early encouragement from writer-director Michael Green, whom Covington met at a party, he got into Warner Bros.’ writers workshop and landed an agent.

He then sold his first script, Just A Phase, to ABC Family, starting a decade-long relationship with development executive Mina Lefevre. While she was at ABCF, Covington received two pilot orders–  for Just A Phase in 2006 and Happy Campers in 2008. He went on to develop and executive produce the network’s series 10 Things I Hate About You and also worked on Greek. When Lefevre moved to MTV to take over scripted, she reviewed the network’s development. She liked a concept by young writers Dana Goodman and Julia Wolov about two girls pretending to be lesbian to be cool but wanted to bring a new vision to it. Lafevre turned to Covington, who rewrote the pilot in two weeks, and Faking It was the first series she launched at MTV.

“I’m very grateful and love working with Mina,” Covington said. “It’s been a dream.”