This is the first acquisition for the Demarest Media and Kilburn Media-backed Eclipse banner, which is part of a larger expansion of their push into the scripted and unscripted TV space. Kilburn and Demarest, through Eclipse, have earmarked capital to acquire other TV production companies to add to the Eclipse platform.

Under the merger deal brokered exclusively by ACF, Go Go Luckey’s management team of Julie Auerbach, Henry Capanna, Tina Gazzerro-Clapp and Dennis Principe will remain in place, continuing to produce content under the Eclipse Television banner.

“At Eclipse Television we have been looking for the right partnerships to help facilitate our continued expansion into the content creation business, and with Go Go Luckey we have found a perfect match to facilitate this continued growth,” said Kilburn Media’s CEO Mark C. Manuel.

Michael Lambert, Founder of Lambert Media Group and a partner in both Demarest Media and Kilburn Media, was instrumental in arranging the transaction. Said Demarest CEO William D. Johnson of the merger, “Our aim has always been to grow Eclipse, organically and via acquisition, into a television powerhouse. I can think of no better addition to the business Sergio and his team have built than the proven hit-makers at Go Go Luckey.”

Go Go Luckey Entertainment, founded in 2003, is known for its 2004 breakout hit Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County for MTV and Paranormal State for A&E. Their current television projects include the high profile unscripted show The Jacksons: Next Generation for Lifetime, which follows the third generation of the famed Jackson family, and also Fear: Buried Alive for A&E, which premieres on October 26th and features a live psychological social experiment where subjects are forced to confront their deepest fears.

“We are excited to be joining forces with Eclipse Television. The combined expertise of all involved will greatly expand our ability to create and produce scripted, unscripted and live content across all platforms for the ever evolving audience. Go Go Luckey is thrilled to be embarking on this new adventure with the group. ACF have gone above and beyond in guiding us through a complex process and protecting our best interests every step of the way. We cannot thank the ACF team enough for all of their help,” said Go Go Luckey Entertainment.