“I think they’ll have luck in driving up the ratings higher,” GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told CNN’s New Day this morning when asked about the Hispanic groups’ efforts to spike his hosting of Saturday Night Live on November 7. The result of their petition to have him uninvited will be, he forecast, “[SNL’s] highest-rated show in a long time.”

“These groups – I know these groups. Many of these groups are scam groups,” Trump said in a phone interview.

Noting he has “fantastic” relations with Hispanics and employs “thousands of Hispanics right now,” Trump said of the groups protesting NBC’s invitation to Trump to host the late-night show: “These are people that go around, they look around for money from people. I had a group come up to me, the very supposedly prominent group. The first thing out of their mouths is, ‘Would you like to join our coalition? It will cost from $25K to $2M to join.’ Give me a break.”

“I get hit with this stuff all the time. A lot of people are scammers, they’re just scammers,” Trump continued. “They sit home on their iPad, lying in bed, tapping out things. This happens all the time. And then, weak companies, like a Macy’s, will fall for it. And they’ll wish they didn’t, by the way. A lot of people boycotted Macy’s because of what they did when they cut my line. They cut my line because they were weak and ineffective, frankly.”