CNN’s self-proclaimed “Twitter king” Don Lemon has been trending since last night, when he and CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin went at each other over viral video of a South Carolina school officer pulling a high school student out of her chair and dragging her across the classroom floor. Deputy Ben Fields has been placed on administrative duty after the incident, which began when the student refused to leave the classroom at the request of her teacher, according to press reports.

While #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh came and went on Twitter trending, “Don Lemon” still is trending. On Twitter, CNN’s best-known pot stirrer and conspiracy theorist is being blasted, trolled and yes, supported by some, for urging restraint among TV news talking heads until more facts were known about the situation. Seriously.

In a clip that was tweeted – then deleted – by Lemon’s CNN Tonight, Lemon said, “It does look disturbing — the part that is most disturbing to me is seeing her thrown around. As far as the desk going over, I don’t know if the desk fell over because she didn’t want to get up, or if he pushed over, I don’t know, so I think there’s context to everything, I would like to see what happens before and I would like to see what happened afterwards… [But] it does look horrible, it does look like there’s no excuse for what he’s doing for her, [but] we don’t know… It only shows a small slice in time of what happened.”

“Are you guys kidding me?” an exasperated Hostin responded.

“No, we’re not kidding – we don’t know what happened,” Lemon responded. “You weren’t sitting in the room, Sunny…”

“I don’t need to know more!” Hostin shot back.

Interestingly, while Lemon’s mouth urged restraint, his show featured talking heads on split screen so as to make room to replay the short, violent video over and over, for about 10 minutes.

This morning Lemon tweeted:

Among those ignoring Lemon’s call to hold off making calls on the incident this morning were Dem presidential candidates: