As movie promotions go, the Twitter feed for Ridley Scott’s The Martian is kinda cool, especially this weekend after Fox arranged to show the movie based on Andy Weir’s novel to the crew of the International Space Station. Apparently they find movies about being stranded in space very entertaining (they watched Gravity in April) and not at all unsettling.

Here’s a tweet about watching the movie off-planet from Kjell Lindgren who describes himself as “Space nerd in paradise. Currently orbiting planet Earth on the International Space Station.” For additional tweets and snapshots from space, check #themartian, #journeytomars and #yearinspace, which have some tidbits about the movie starring Matt Damon but also lots of other stuff about the real mission to the Red Planet and NASA or space in general.

For speculative fiction about being stranded on the International Space Station AND on a doomed planet Earth, try Neal Stephenson’s novel Seveneves.