File this under things we’re not able to see yet in the U.S. Daniel Radcliffe plays Sam Houser, who with his brother Ray was responsible for later titles in the Rockstar Games action-adventure videogame series that has sold something like 220 million units. The BBC drama pits Radcliffe/Houser against Bill Paxton/Jack Thompson, the U.S. activist/former attorney who led the fight against GTA over its graphic violence and sex.

The Gamechangers, according to BBC press material cited by the Guardian, “is for an adult audience and has not been authorized by the producers of Grand Theft Auto” but “is based on court documents and interviews with many of those involved …”

The drama is written by James Wood (Rev, Ambassadors), directed by Owen Harris (Kill Your Friends, Black Mirror, Holy Flying Circus) and produced by Jim Spencer (Pride, All Stars, Monsters). It airs Sept. 15 on BBC2. And hopefully in the not too distant future on BBC America.