UPDATED POST-BROADCAST The lucky audience members who saw Stephen Colbert’s Late Show debut tonight witnessed the usual opening-night glitches, as the show re-recorded a Jeb Bush quiz bit (that never seems to have made it on air), and a surprise musical performance, according to the crowd exiting the theater afterward. Although the taping clocked in at two hours, informed sources tell us, audience members who entered the theater before the scheduled 5 PM ET start and left at about 8 PM weren’t complaining. “The show is just like Colbert, so talented and versatile; even though it was three hours it went by so fast,” New Yorker Andrea told Deadline.

Sharilyn, who came from Toronto just to see the show, said they had to redo the musical segment due to an audio glitch. R&B singer/civil rights activist Mavis Staple went over big in a surprise visit.

At the end of taping someone yelled “Where’s the after-party?” Colbert  responded, “In the editing room!”

Sharilyn called the taping “joyful, energetic and dynamic.”

CBS already said last week that the first episode would be supersized, about nine minutes longer than the usual hourlong show.

Lisa de Moraes contributed to this report.