EXCLUSIVE:Here’s a peak at Writer/Director Elaine Constantine’s British musical drama Northern Soul, which is set to debut later this month in the City-to-City section at Toronto International Film Festival. The film depicts the rise of Britain’s Northern Soul scene, a music movement derived from American soul, especially the Tamla Motown sound, that arose independently in Wales, Scotland, Northern England and the Midlands in the 60s and 70s. Set in 1970s England, the pic follows John Clark, an awkward teen who is introduced to American soul by a local DJ, Matt. Both are in search of a new and exciting life but the scene’s underbelly could impede on that dream.

“Forget the top 10, its all propaganda. This is underground but it’s going to be massive” proclaims Matt in the trailer. That’s in keeping with the ethos of the scene, which prized rare and obscure songs over hits and would go on to influence punk and later, the 80s rave/club scene.

Starring Elliot James Langridge, Joshua Whitehouse, Lisa Stansfield and Steve Coogan, it’s produced by Debbie Gray with cinematography by Simon Tindall. In addition to its already planned screening, Northern Soul will be taking over one of the screening times for the Aretha Franklin documentary on Saturday, which has been pulled from TIFF. Exact screen times TBD.