You’ll read it here first — and so will she. Think Tank Management & Production assistant/creative executive Kate Hart, after working at the company for four years, finally is getting that well-deserved promotion. Her boss, Tom Drumm, wanted her to read it first on Deadline, and we are obliging. So, Kate, you’ve just been promoted to Director of Development.

Why? Well, as Drumm says: “Kate has been an amazing partner to me over the last four years. I’m excited to work with her in this new role as we continue to grow the producing arm of the company. She’s a millennial so it feels right that she should hear about her promotion online. Congratulations, Kate!” Does that mean she’ll get an increase in pay, Mr. Drumm? If not, Kate, come to us and we’ll see if we can’t twist his arm.

Hart recently brought in and helped develop the romantic comedy Emergency Contact as well as the drama Ida Tarbell — two projects that Think Tank currently is packaging before taking out to buyers.

Among Think Tank’s clients are Graham Moore, who won an Oscar for writing The Imitation Game, and actors Nick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead), Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist), Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth, MTV’s upcoming series Shannara), and Thomas Shepherd (Cicero), to name a few.

Best of luck in the new job from Deadline!