Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Allison Janney, who have won a total of 13 Emmys combined, broke protocol by coming backstage together after their latest wins. The nervous Janney said that she needed Louis-Dreyfus at her side for her 7th Emmy win (supporting actress comedy for Mom) because “it’s hard to be the first award out of the gate. I was just overwhelmed.” Then, turning to her friend, she added: “ I feel like we’re on a talk show right now”.

“I think it was a huge mistake to come up here with you,” joked an obviously much calmer Louis-Dreyfus after her latest lead actress in a comedy win for Veep. But Janney kept right on with the love fest, saying she would celebrate with her Mom colleagues but also Louis-Dreyfus: “We’re going to throw down somewhere, “ she said.

The pair riffed on the effect of collecting statuettes: “It’s surprisingly nerve-wracking, I was very, very moved to have won again,” said Louis-Dreyfus. “To have this great job and this happens on top of it—it’s a joke”.

For her part, Janney said that 7 wins puts her in the same category as idols like Ed Asner and Mary Tyler Moore. “They are heroes of mine, and they influenced me enormously”.

As the final question, the chummy pair were asked whether they would ever consider working together. “Never”, they said.