The former employees of Sony Colorworks officially want back the union benefits they used to have. In an election today conducted by the Labor Relations Board, 23 of the 25 votes cast among postproduction technicians and artists at Deluxe’s Culver City unit on the Sony lot were to join the Motion Picture Editors Guild and IATSE. The balloting ended around 5:30 PM Wednesday. There are around 30 post staffers at the facility.

As Deadline reported earlier this week, this vote means that Deluxe will have to sit down and work out an agreement with the union for the employees – though no one thinks that’s going to be an easy process with the sharp divisions on both sides.

“Postproduction professionals recognize the value of having a voice at work and today they spoke resoundingly,” Editors Guild National Organizer Rob Callahan said tonight after the votes were counted. “Deluxe prides itself on offering world-class postproduction talent to its clients, and we look forward to sitting down with the company to negotiate a world-class contract for those employees.”

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Many of the Deluxe employees on the Sony lot used to be health and pension benefits-covered staff at Sony Colorworks before it was closed in February. Noticeably non-union friendly Deluxe soon took over the unit in a  “semi-exclusive” deal. They then let the staff go and then hired back around half of them as nonunion employees.

Today’s vote likely means it’s back to the future for those employees now.