Tracy Morgan tonight made his first stage appearance since being involved in a deadly highway crash in 2014.

“Thanks to my amazing doctors, I’m here,” Morgan told the Microsoft Theater crowd that jumped to its feet as he came out onstage – the surprise “TBA” presenter for the Outstanding Drama Series derby winner.

onstage during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

“I’m standing on my own two feet. … God bless you all for your love and prayers and positive thoughts over the past 15 months,” he said. “I’m honored to be here at the Emmys. It’s been a long road back. I suffered a traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma for eight days, and when I regained consciousness I was ecstatic to learn I wasn’t the one who messed up,” he joked, charming the hall.

The National Transportation Safety Board sided with comedian in placing the blame for the deadly highway crash squarely on a sleep-deprived Walmart truck driver. A settlement was reached in the case earlier this year. The June 2014 accident left comic James “Jimmy Mack” McNair dead and Morgan severely injured after the semi truck smashed into the comics’ limo van at more than to 20 mph over the speed limit.

“Only recently have I started to feel like myself again,” Morgan said tonight, “Which means a whole lot of women are going to get pregnant at the afterparty.”

Morgan had  returned to TV previously, but only to talk about his accident on various news and talk shows. In June he sat down with Matt Lauer in his first television interview since the accident. NBC News announced the “get” the day after Morgan reached a settlement with Wal-Mart.