It’s Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil who takes me on in this Primetime Emmy Awards smackdown. We focus today on who will emerge triumphant in the Comedy Pete Hammond badgeraces, and then tomorrow we will do it all over again for Drama. Tom and I have been having these battles for years at Gold Derby, the awards-betting site that has now just been made part of the Deadline owner PMC’s empire. (Welcome Tom, nice to have you in the family. But it doesn’t mean we are going to hold back one bit — bring on the battles.)

So will it be Moderngold-derby Family taking the Comedy crown for a record-breaking sixth year in a row? Will Veep finally come through? Or can new critical darling Transparent make the deal for streaming service Amazon Prime. It is certainly riding the zeitgeist, but we both have bold predictions on that one. We also hit the likely winners for both actor and actress races in this first official Deadline vs Gold Derby Emmy prediction video. Click the link and watch it above.

Then, see how Pete’s and Tom’s Emmy prediction rankings compare side by side with other leading prognosticators (click here) and check out the latest Emmy racetrack odds generated when the experts’ predictions are combined (click here).