While Donald Trump was busy blasting Fox News Channel last night for a contributor’s description of Carly Fiorina having “cut off his balls with the precision of a surgeon” during CNN’s recent GOP debate, he may have missed being raped and murdered over on Viacom-owned Comedy Central’s South Park. On the other hand, 1.5 million people did not miss the episode in its premiere, at 10 PM ET last night. These days, viewing in other time slots and platforms significantly increases many shows’ audience levels. That said, Trump snagged 4.6 million viewers one night earlier when he won Stephen Colbert’s CBS late-night show.

In last night’s episode, South Park is overrun by Canadian immigrants, prompting teacher Mr. Garrison to launch a “Where My Country Gone” campaign to build a wall along this country’s north border. “I propose we f*ck them all to death,” Garrison tells CNN. “After we’ve f*cked every last one of them to death, we build a big wall. And if anyone comes over the wall, we f*ck them to death, too!”

Canada beats him to it, because Donald Trump has been elected its political leader, triggering the exodus. One Canadian expat explains how that happened: “There were several candidates during the Canadian elections. One of them was this brash a**hole who just spoke his mind. He didn’t really offer any solutions, he just said outrageous things. We thought it was funny. Nobody really thought he’d ever be president. It was a joke! But we just let the joke go on for too long. He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were ready to say, ‘OK, let’s get serious now, who should really be president?’ he was already being sworn into office. We weren’t paying attention… We weren’t paying attention!”

Garrison sneaks into that country, in a barrel via Niagara Falls and, when he tracks down Trump, he rapes him to death. Canadians return to their country and Garrison drives off to make his run for the White House, with running mate Caitlyn Jenner behind the wheel, who runs over a pedestrian.

Here’s the full episode: