GOP presidential race front-runner Donald Trump made good this morning on a promised/threat to shame TV networks covering the GOP debates into turning over ad dollar spikes to charity. In an email to CNN chief Jeff Zucker, Trump this morning, as he has done previously, took full credit for the ratings skyrocket Fox News Channel experienced two weeks ago when it aired the first GOP debate and clocked the network’s biggest audience in its history — more than 24 million viewers. Sources tell Deadline some numbers prognosticators anticipate CNN’s GOP debates, on September 16, will go even higher, to upwards of 26 million. No response yet from CNN so far as we know.

It’s unclear if Trump is sending the same message to networks on whose late-night and daytime shows he is scheduled to appear; Trump is set to be Jimmy Fallon’s guest on NBC’s Tonight Show on Friday, for instance.

Here’s Trump’s tweet to Zucker in full.