There probably never has been a grudge Donald Trump let go this easily. Remember way back a few days ago when the GOP front-runner tweeted, “I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future”? Apparently, the future is now. The Donald was in the “no spin zone” of Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel program today, officially ending the candidate’s boycott of the cable net over what he has deemed “unfair” treatment, dating back to the first Republican debate on August 6.

“You’re back,” O’Reilly said in welcoming Trump to The O’Reilly Factor, to which the candidate replied that this particular host always had been fair fox-news-logoto him — a recurring theme during the interview. O’Reilly then joked that he’d see “if we can fix that tonight.” But amid all the hullabaloo about Trump vs. Fox News and its scion Roger Ailes, the boycott was a non-topic and the Factor visit was cordial. They talked about Trump’s non-response to that guy at the recent rally who called President Obama a Muslim. They talked about the frosty meeting between Obama and Russia President Vladimir Putin. And O’Reilly asked Trump if it was “fair to say that in order for you to win the Republican nomination that you’re going to have to change your style and be a bit kinder and more mature.” As Trump began to answer with a ramble about his lead in the polls, O’Reilly interrupted to play a clip of Trump calling fellow GOP White House hopeful Marco Rubio a “clown.”

Witness all the fun in the video above, including O’Reilly aptly comparing Trump to Howard Cosell as far as the public’s love-him-or-hate-him polarization.