Paradiso, a drama from Cirque du Soleil Media and 20th Century Fox TV, has been set up at Fox with a script commitment plus Fox logo horizontalpenalty. The project, which stems from the first-look deal for scripted series Cirque du Soleil Media inked with 20th TV in January, is said to be in the vein of Moulin Rouge. Inspired by the dreamlike style of Cirque du Soleil’s live shows, Paradiso explores what would happen if a character like Amelie from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movie went into a place like the Moulin Rouge, with exhilarating performances every week.

Written by Yaniv Raz, Paradiso is a heightened soap that follows a girl pursuing her dream of performing at the Paradiso, the most glamorous nightclub in San Lorenzo (a fictional but contemporary city based on 1950s Havana). Once there, her bold personality will win her both friends and enemies in this politically charged world. Raz, who has extensive stage experience, executive produces with Cirque du Soleil Media’s Jacques Méthé and Gillian Ferrabee.

Raz is with UTA. Cirque du Soleil is repped by CAA.