New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie made no headlines on NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, but promised to go “nuclear” if Jake Tapper does not direct enough questions to him during the next GOP debate after feeling snubbed at the first debate on Fox News Channel.  Most discussion of Christie and the upcoming CNN debate these days, not that there has been much, is focused on whether he will be at the “big table.”

“There was one point where I went 20 questions in a row without being asked a question,” the GOP White House hopeful told Fallon of the recent Fox News Channel debate. “I’m standing up there, standing next to Marco Rubio and we’re still going, ‘Are we still on? Do our mikes work?'”

Fallon wondered why Christie had not shouted out during that debate. “I didn’t think it was appropriate for that night,” Christie said, noting other debaters had done just that. “But stay tuned on September 16, I may be changing tactics. If I get to 15 questions in a row — count them at home — you’re going to go, ‘Uh oh, he’s going to go nuclear now!’.”

As to whether Christie will ven make the debate, that’s a good question. A recent Monmouth University poll that’s making headlines shows Ben Carson pulled into a tie with Donald Trump in Iowa among likely GOP voters in Iowa, with 23% each. Christie nabbed 1%. CNN has said its main debate will include the Top-10 candidates in an average of polls that meet its polling standards and were released between July 16 and September 10.