Tattoos have been part of the mainstream for more than a decade now, but rarely have they played such a fundamental role on a Big 4 primetime show – until Blindspot. And that might be something for others to consider because, as my video review above says, the thriller created by Martin Gero and executive produced by Greg Berlanti is far from just skin-deep and well worth a good look.

Deadline Review Badge Dominic PattenDebuting on September 21 in the primo slot right after the Season 9 premiere of The Voice, the dark and stylized Blindspot isn’t a big risk for NBC. But while well in the vein of The Blacklist, this show sees the network taking the opportunity to push things a little bit more than they usually do in primetime. That alone is commendable and worth your attention, though the real stars here are the plot pacing and Jaimie Alexander.

Long a star waiting to find her starring role, the Thor franchise alum portrays a seemingly memoryless woman discovered naked in a bag in NYC’s Times Square. In this age of terror and security, that alone would be eyebrow-raising. What adds another dimension here is that Alexander’s Jane Doe is almost completely covered in tattoos. Ink that has clues and tips to upcoming crimes as well as the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, played by Strike Back‘s Sullivan Stapleton.

Obviously there is a lot more going on in Blindspot then one first sees in the tats, and the notion of the bigger picture is already in the frame by the end of the pilot. What is truly intriguing here is how Alexander pushes past her informative physique and successfully creates a character in stages out of almost nothing. What is also smart is the way Blindspot addresses its own issues within its own world, and the clear chemistry between Stapleton and Alexander as actors and characters.

Take a look at my video review of Blindspot and tell us what you think. I will add this: With a strong Comic-Con presence this year and a huge promotional campaign, NBC is pushing hard for Blindspot — nice to see them putting their money where a real mystery is. Will you be giving Blindspot a look?