Delayed adulthood “has become quite a thing in our culture,” Aya Cash of You’re the Worst said during TCA this afternoon, noting that society’s “changing ideas” about “what is an adult” will be explored more fully in the series’ Season 2.

This morning, John Landgraf, CEO, FX Networks & FX Productions, said he “absolutely loves” the first six episodes of the upcoming You’re the Worst season, which makes its move from FX to FXX. In the series, Cash plays Gretchen, whose relationship with Chris Geere‘s Jimmy began when they went home together after a wedding.

Asked how he’s able to write a show about millennials at his age, creator/showrunner/EP Stephen Falk joked that he spends time on the Venice Boardwalk, where he strikes up conversations with millennials using openers like, “Hey dude, what’s cracking today?” The usual reaction? “Like, fuck off, old guy,” admitted Falk, who previously served as co-EP on Orange is the New Black and Weeds.

Falk said it’s his job to be able to write in different voices than his own, explaining he and his writing staff  “are all pretty tuned in to culture, and pop culture and a lot of trivial dumb shit on Twitter, in order to keep tabs” on millennials, which may be the best put-down of this TCA to date.

The series, he said, is not an excuse to live vicariously through his “cool” characters. Last time the show came to TCA, Falk addressed critics’ concerns that Gretchen and Jimmy were unlikable protagonists. “I don’t mean to be callous, but my job is to make entertaining characters,” Falk snarked back then.

Gretchen, said Cash today, is someone who “would have no interest in being in a friendship with me,” describing herself as “boring” and “stable” – and someone who would like very much to be friends with Gretchen.

Geere’s character, likewise, is a little out of the actor’s comfort zone. “Stephen has given me some wonderful, flowing monologues,” Geere said, including “some words that I’ve had to Google.”