Loosely translated: Wallace was not up to speed on the Kardashians and not shrill enough to be The View’s conservative talking head. And though she came back on the show the next day after the press reported this news and demonstrated her Kommanding Kardashian Knowledge, she was nonetheless replaced in that role by new co-host Candace Cameron Bure, former Full House star, and Kirk Cameron’s sister.

Bure became the prettiest guest-host in the shop this season when she got into an on-air squabble with new co-host Raven-Symone, over an Oregon bakery’s refusal to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Bure declared it an issue of “religious freedoms and the freedom of association” and their argument went viral or, as news division professionals prefer to describe these situations, Bure expressed “strong opinions” and created a “social media friendly moment” – right up there with the social-media-friendly-moment when The View’s Whoopi Goldberg told those who objected to her spirited defense of Bill Cosby, “It’s my opinion, and the American courts agree with me because still he has not been taken to jail or tried on anything. So back off me!” (That was, of course, before ABC News legal expert Dan Abrams explained statute of limitations to her on the show.)

And, if you are thinking The View has never seemed so real Housewives of Upper West Side as it does now under ABC News, which took over the show in late October, you are not alone.

The hiring of Wallace, when ABC Entertainment was still calling the shots, was part of a push to re-do the show, following last season’s disastrous revolving door that saw the exits of on-air talent Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar and Jenny McCarthy.

In this most recent stab at fixing The View, in addition to whacking Wallace, Shepherd has been brought back as part of a stable of “contributors” who will fill in when Bure is off shooting her Netflix series, Fuller House, for instance. Producers tried to get Behar to sign up too, but she turned them down.