Inevitable as a New Year’s morning hangover and the bloat that follows Thanksgiving dinner is the Parents Television Council annual denunciation of the MTV Video Music Awards:

“Are we surprised that Miley Cyrus exposed herself to millions of viewers, and to more people who will inevitably see the news in the mainstream media?” PTC wondered in re Cyrus’ trophy-show nipple unveiling, following the ceremony/Kanye West 2020 presidential campaign announcement.

“About as surprised as we’ll be if the sun rises in the east tomorrow morning,” PTC president Tim Winter said, answering his org’s own question. “We had hoped she would have proven us wrong and demonstrate her considerable talent as a performer, rather than rely on her own sexuality to entertain the audience.”

“MTV had an opportunity to use its powerful VMA platform to stir a young audience to aspire to something positive and uplifting. Instead they chose to perpetuate blatant sexualization – much of it self-inflicted by the artists – and to celebrate the use of illegal drugs.”

PTC took issue with MTV’s content rating on the clambake, noting the network deemed the program “as appropriate for a child as young as 14, though most parents of teens that age would find such a content rating preposterous.”

An MTV rep said last night the shot of Cyrus’ nipple would be removed from repeats of the awards show. PTC was not impressed:

“In the end, the network succeeded in what it wanted to do: stir up controversy without regard to its impact on an entertainment environment that is increasingly toxic for children,” Winter said, reprising his playing his role in the annual television ritual.

“It’s also unfortunate that the VMAs were underwritten by the vast majority of Americans who were forced to pay for MTV on their cable bills, but who don’t give a damn about the VMAs,” Winter added, once again making his pitch for a la carte cable.