The power of a single vote was on display in San Diego, where Martin Alvillar has been re-elected president of the SAG-AFTRA local by one vote. Alvillar beat challenger Sandra Buehner 139-138, the closest race in the union’s history. The vote also showed off the power of apathy, with 77% of the local’s 1,224 eligible members not casting ballots. Any one of the 941 members who didn’t vote could have changed the outcome.

Deadline for voting in the union’s national election — in which Ken Howard and Patricia Richardson are squaring off for president — is tomorrow morning. Ballots must be received by U.S. mail at a post office box in Los Angeles by 6:30 AM PT, which means virtually all ballots that will be counted have already been cast.

Voting is now concluded at all of the union’s 25 locals except the two largest, Los Angeles and New York, where ballots will be counted Thursday.