Two men who were reportedly hunting hogs for a reality TV show were injured this weekend when a helicopter crashed in Texas, according to news reports. The chopper was one of two that were filming Saturday when a gust of wind spun one aircraft out of control, the Texas Dept of Public Safety said.

The Associated Press reported the men were filming an episode of A Haunting for Destination America, a Discovery Communications network that also broadcasts Mountain Monsters and Paranormal Survivor. The helicopter struck a tree and landed on its right side in a wooded area.

The men were transported to Bryan St. Joseph Regional Hospital. One was airlifted with leg injuries and another man was sent by ambulance with minor injuries. Both are in stable condition and expected to survive. Two passengers on the other chopper were not injured and landed their plane safely. Their identities have not been released.

The FAA said today the helicopter made a “hard landing” and suffered substantial damage.
Although Texas officials said the accident occurred during the filming of a “hunting reality show,”
Discovery’s website describes A Haunting as a show “which follows people who say they’ve had encounters with supernatural forces.”

A little over two years ago three men died in a helicopter crash near Acton, CA during filming of an untitled military show for the Discovery Network. Lawsuits associated with that crash were settled earlier this month.