Just imagine the theme-park ride. Envision Media Arts has entered an exclusive agreement with PEZ Candy Inc. to develop an animated feature based on the spring-loaded lozenge dispensers with the flip-up heads. Cameron Fay (The Three Stooges Movie, Brother In Law) has popped up to script it. Lee Nelson and David Buelow will produce for EMA. Gregg Rossen, Brian Sawyer and Jonathan Hung brought the project to EMA and will executive produce along with EMA’s David Tish. Created 88 years ago in Austria, PEZ Candy dispensers are available worldwide in more than 80 countries; over 3 billion PEZ candies, primarily made of sugar, are consumed annually in the U.S. alone, according to PEZ. 

PEZ_Logo_highres“PEZ Candy is beloved by children and adults alike,” EMA CEO and founder Lee Nelson said. “With Cameron Fay we’ve created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many.” Presumably the tongues as well.

PEZ dispensers are a hot collectable for adults and children alike and have been a staple of American pop culture for over 50 years. Hollywood-based EMA recently completed Henry Joseph Church with Britt Robertson and Eddie Murphy.