Kevin, Stuart and Bob continue to wreak havoc at the worldwide box office as the henchmen hit yet another milestone this weekend. With today’s grosses, Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions is crossing $900M globally. In North America, the estimated bounty to date is $302.7M with $609.8M coming from offshore markets for a total of $912.5M. The Kyle Balda/Pierre Coffin-helmed origins story is the highest-grossing animated title of 2015 and the 7th biggest animated film ever. It’s also the second U/Illumination collaboration to reach $900M. The partners previously hit $975.2M with Despicable Me 2.

That film fell short of the $1B mark worldwide, but given the momentum behind spin-off Minions, it’s likely the 3rd time for this franchise will be the charm. This weekend it passed DM2’s international take of $607.5M, with no new openings in the frame. This comes in the same week that Universal reached $5.53B at the worldwide box office — the highest-grossing year ever for a studio in industry history.

The Minions still have some rounds to make. They’ll travel to Slovenia on August 13, Italy on August 27, Turkey on September 14 and Greece on September 24. Also on deck is China which is a September 13 bow. While it will slot into a crowded marketplace for Hollywood films, Minions should be muscular — note that the first Despicable Me movie never released in the Middle Kingdom, but DM2 grossed about $53M there in early 2014.

Minions’ other highlights include holding the No. 1 spot on the worldwide box office chart for three consecutive weeks while opening No. 1 in 55 territories. It’s the highest-grossing animated movie of all time in 11 markets: Hungary, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Russia, Slovakia, Thailand, Ukraine, U.A.E. and Vietnam.

For Universal, it is the highest grossing film of all time in six: Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Slovakia.