EXCLUSIVE: Lionsgate’s Summit Entertaintment label just acquired an untitled spec script from screenwriter John Gary, described as a “grounded” sci-fi thriller which is a character-driven property in the vein of Luc Besson’s box office smash Lucy. The original script was called Sarah. Another strong female leading a pic? No argument here. The project will be produced by The Gotham Group’s Eric Robinson and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. Nate Matteson is executive producing. Gary wrote the script based on an original idea from Robinson apparently. Execs at Lionsgate — Gillian Bohrer and James Myers — loved it and picked it up.

The screenwriter is also re-writing a big sci-fi feature at Paramount Pictures called Off-World originally scripted by Seth M. Sherwood as a starring vehicle for Josh Duhamel who is also producing.

Gary is repped by ICM Partners and Robinson and Nate Matteson at The Gotham Group.