Jon StewartWWE bad guy? The erstwhile Daily Show stalwart took to the squared circle on Sunday to host WWE’s SummerSlam, and he relished his time in the spotlight. “You know, I’ve spent the past 16 years talking about politics,” he said during the intro. “It’s nice to be back in reality.” It wasn’t enough to butter up the Barclays Center crowd like a veteran rock star name-checking the tour stop — “What’s up, Brooklyn?!” — Stewart got into the mix. And how.

The currently out-of-work comic has had an only-in-pro-wrestling-type beef with current WWE champion Seth Rollins dating back to February. But in true grappler fashion, he turned heel and broke bad during Rollins’ winner-take-all title match with the popular John Cena. After appearing to help out the challenger, Stewart instead delivered a folding chair to Cena’s midsection, then left said weapon a center ring for Rollins to finish the job and win the match.

What this means for Stewart’s future on the WWE — or on Earth, if Cena gets him alone in a dark alley — remains to be seen. But it was a kick to watch the former Comedy Central hero become a PPV villain in the blink of a gouged eye. Watch him introduce SummerSlam above.