Jorge RamosUPDATED: Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was escorted from Donald Trump’s news conference-cum-free-for-all  in Dubuque, IA, this afternoon. Ramos had tried to ask the GOP front-runner a question about immigration, but obviously with no expectation of being able to accomplish that and so did not attempt to be given the stage to speech, instead jumping in and talking over Trump and the reporter he’d given the green light to speak.  Great theater, as Ramos no doubt intended. Trump seemed happy to play his role:

“Excuse me, Sit down! Sit down! No you don’t, you haven’t been called – go back to Univision,” Trump shot back at Ramos, as the anchor could be heard telling Trump he had the right to ask the candidate a question. A large guard escorted Ramos from the room, though he was allowed to return about 10 minutes later.

Trump’s first question – the one he agreed to take, anyway – was about Fox News Channel star Megyn Kelly. Organizers had not provided reporters with microphones, which made it tough to hear what they were saying, but the question appeared to be about why Trump took Twitter jabs at Kelly when she returned to FNC last night after taking a break following her co-moderation of FNC’s GOP debate. It also seemed the reporter sought Trump’s thoughts on Fox News chief Roger Ailes today calling for Trump to apologize.

“Because I thought her [debate] questioning and her attitude was inappropriate,” Trump said, in re why he tweeted as he did. “All you have to do is look at the Internet today and see who people favor in that one. But it’s a very small element in my life, Megyn Kelly. I don’t care about Megyn Kelly. But no, I would not apologize. She should probably apologize to me – but I just don’t care.”

“Good to have you back,” Trump said, when Ramos returned. Then Trump shrewdly gave Ramos the floor for a whopping four minutes. What followed was a spirited back and forth about immigration, gangs, government and management, in which Trump told the Univision star, “You’re not used to good management.” Univision, of course, is the network that first dropped Trump’s Miss USA Pageant after the candidate made comments during his announcement speech about drugs and rapists coming over the Mexican border. NBC followed suit. Trump’s org has sued Univision over what it’s calling a contract violation.

Ramos Theatre ended, but if it’s up to Isaac Lee, President of News at Univision and CEO of Fusion, there will be another act in the near future. “We’d love for Mr. Trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with Jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals,” he said in a statement after the press conference.

Meanwhile, Trump got back to his larger role: real estate mogul turned reality TV star convincing conservatives to hate Fox News Channel.

“I think they cover me terribly,” Trump said when asked about his FNC coverage. “I had the worst questions, the most unfair questions,” he said of FNC’s debate moderators. “I like Fox … but I think they treat me very poorly,” he said, adding, specific to Kelly, “When people treat me unfairly, I don’t let them forget.”

“I think they treat me terribly and I’m winning by double digits on every poll. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn’t,” Trumps said when asked if FNC’s coverage of him is having an impact.

“They certainly cover me a lot. I think they give me very bad treatment. I think Fox treats me terribly.”