Day Two of the Disney fan explosion known as D23 2015 and the sneak peek at the company’s upcoming money making machines continued this morning with a long – sometimes a little too long – presentation devoted to the Disney live action tentpoles. Disney studios chairman Alan Horn officiated, while Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Disney live action films were all represented. After weeks of rumors, Colin Trevorrow was officially confirmed as the director of Star Wars: Episode IX, We saw the first Rogue One cast photo and later learned the full cast, plus footage from several of the films, and we learned that leaked information earlier this week was true – Disney is planning a massive Star Wars-themed expansion of its theme parks.

If you’re a Disney superfan, being there was its own reward, but for average observers the presentation was a mixed bag. At least it started out strong enough with a bully showing from Marvel, who gave the crowd the first glimpse of Doctor Strange, and showed off the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

The Civil War footage was thrilling stuff, everything expected and more from a film that has for some months been described as “The Avengers 2.5”. Of note however, still no glimpse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man (Spidey has a small role in Civil War). But the Ant-Man stuff was comedy gold. As for Doctor Strange, the film doesn’t start shooting until November, so not footage was possible. But a flip book style reel made from concept art was shown off, and it’s clear the film is going to be weird as hell, something like Inception meets the stranger parts of Harry Potter.

Disney Studios then showed off its wares – You can read through the liveblog for the pertinant details, but the long story short is that the company is, for the most part, mining its history to the last nugget. Shown off were the live action versions of Pete’s Dragon, The Jungle Book, and Sleeping Beauty, as well as (inevitably) the next Pirates of the Carribbean. The Pete’s Dragon footage was mysterious rather than whimsical, a big departure from the 1976 Disney classic that combined live action with cartoon. The Jungle Book looks gorgeous, even if it’s a little on the nose, humor-wise. Probably the biggest information to come out of this portion is that Orlando Bloom is returning to Pirates franchise to reprise the role of Will Turner in Pirates Of The Carribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Fun fact about that: When the film hits theaters in 2017 it will have been ten years since Bloom’s last appearance, which is the same amount of time Will Turner was cursed to captain the flying Dutchman at the end of At World’s End.

Only two of the six Disney Studios films presented today are not based on earlier Disney classics. What those two films have in common is their highly inspirational tones. The Finest Hours starring Chris Pine, is about a true life, daring Coast Guard rescue mission, while the second, The Queen of Katwe, is the true story of Ugandan Chess prodigy Phiona Mutesi.

Of course the reason everyone bothered to spend more than two hours in that auditorium is because of the final presentation for Lucasfilm. There was never any chance of a new The Force Awakens trailer – JJA pretty much ruled that out before D23 – but hopes were high for some news, and perhaps even footage or concept art from Star Wars: Rogue One or the still-untitled young Han Solo movie. Nope. Only a solitary cast photo from Rogue One, confirming that the film stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, and Riz Ahmed.

We did learn that Jurassic World director Colin Treverrow has landed the job of directing Star Wars Episode 9. If you liked Jurassic World and all that… But the real news out of the Lucasfilm portion of the live action film presentation wasn’t even about a film, but about Disneyland – confirmation that the leaked story of a Star Wars Land at Disneyland was true. The 14 acre extension will be the largest single-theme expansion of a Disney park in history and promises an immersive jump into the Star Wars galaxy including live action spontaneous events, an assortment of droids and creatures, and best of all, a Cantina. No word on when the attraction will even open – that’s a lot of space to construct – but expect it to open huge when it does. See more details here.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:37 am

Things kicked off a little behind schedule this morning, as the clock ticked past 10:30 and instead of a presentation, we got songs by Fallout Boy and the theme from Avengers: Age of Ultron. But finally, Disney fanfare sounds and we’re off to celebrate the IP.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:38 am

We begin with the dimming of lights followed by a sizzle reel of recent Disney successes. Just in case your forgot that the mouse house balls so hard people want to fine them.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:40 am

you really cannot overstate how hardcore these fans are. Screams accompany every single clip, though the loudest were reserved for The Force Awakens.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:42 am

Alan Horn on stage now, making a joke about how many successful films Disney has, and looking slightly tired from last night.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:44 am

Horn generates loud applause when he mentions Bob Iger. In other news, there are Disney fans so hardcore they’re into the company management. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:45 am

“There’s an energy created when true fans – and that’s all of you – come togther to celebrate shared passions… so thank you, thank you so much for your support for our films.” – Horn, just now.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:47 am

DIsney live action release schedule graphic is up. Also, Marvel is first in today’s proceedings. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:48 am

Kevin Feige is out now. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:51 am

“We’ve now completed phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe… it is just so exciting… at the end of phase 2, let’s talk about the beginning of phase 3.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:51 am

Dr, Strange being talked about now. “Next year with Dr. Strange continuing to push the boundaries of that cinematic universe.” 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:53 am

now a video recorded by Benedict Cumberbatch greeting fans… “You’re gonna get girls, cars, explosions and astral projection.”

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:56 am

Filming on Doctor Strange doesn’t begin until November, so instead we’re getting a very early concept art. Even so it’s kind of great and makes Doctor Strange look like a cross between Inception and Krull. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:57 am

Now a look at Civil War.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:57 am

Anthony Mackie is out on stage now. Huge cheers.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201510:59 am

Mackie is bringing Chris Evans out with him. “I can’t introduce Captain America Civil War without… Captain America!” Cheesy, but gets a standing o.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:01 am

This is some cheesy banter but they’re introducing the first Civil War footage and peacing out. Footage is starting now. “It’s SO GOOD” – Evans just now.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:03 am

right out the gate we get an amazing battle and the reveal of Crossbones (Frank Grillo).

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:08 am

The Civil War trailer was, frankly, awesome. Brutal fight scenes right off the bat, a dive into the conflict between TOny Stark and Captain America that motivates the plot. Particularly Stark making the point that “Without boundaries we’re no better than them.” The best moment was at the end, when we see Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang brought into Captain America’s faction, and he goes completely starstruck. “I know you know a lot of super… people, so I wanted to say thinks for thanking of me. Thanks for thinking of me.”

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:12 am

Chris Pine is out on stage now to talk about The Finest Hours. Huge screams.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:14 am

“This was an age and an era, coming after world war 2. The people in this story, they… did right because it was the nice thing to do… this was a wooden boar in 70 foot seas with no navigation, able to hold 32 men and take them back to shore.” So says Chris Pine.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:16 am

Pine is leaving the stage and a clip from The FInest Hours is showing.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:19 am

Next up, it’s the live action version of The Jungle Book. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:22 am

Jon Favreau out on stage now to talk about ti, explaining how much the film meant to him as a kid. “I was born in 66, this movie came out in 67,  it’s been with me all my life…”

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:24 am

“The man Walt Disney would take the old mythic stories, but he also loved technology, you think about Disneyland, at the time that was cutting edge technology. Like Pixar, taking cutting edge technology and applying it to those old stories was a formula for success and it’s one we’re trying to honor here.” Favreau on his Jungle Book.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:27 am

Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong’o and Neel Sethi (who plays Mowgli) are on stage now.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:29 am

Loud applause and cheers temporarily interrupt Kingsley as he talks about the film.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:31 am

“There’s an old saying among actors that I’ve never understood, ‘never work with children or animals,’ but I play an animal and I’ve worked with a child… Neel has an astonishing purity, and amazing connection to his chaacters, and to be with him during those days when John brought us together was very inspiring.” So said Kingsley about Neel Sethi.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:33 am

Lupita Nyong’o reveals this is the first time she’s ever been to Disneyland. Being at a specifically Disney fan convention is a strange experience.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:35 am

Horn is pretending to have to convince Favreau to show some footage from the film. This feels like WWE, which is not an insult. Also, they’re about to show some early footage “we’re not ready to go to trailer… everything you’re about to see was filmed in Downtown Los Angeles.”

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:39 am

Favreau really undersold the footage. It was fairly obviously a full on trailer and I suspect it’ll be online soon. Looked gorgeous by the way, though the jokes and references were a little on the nose.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:43 am

Alice Through The Looking Glass time now, and so far nothing that isn’t already known is being, well, made known. Mia Wasikowska is out on stage now, being asked very basic level questions and answering in kind. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:46 am

Trailer was just shown off. If you like the original…

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:47 am

Now Pete’s Dragon. The kid in me can’t wait to see this movie. The adult in me wishes this part of the presentation was more interesting.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:48 am

Bryce Dallas Howard brought out now. “I LOVE YOU BRYCE” some guy with clearly a lot of game just shouted out.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:53 am

A short trailer for Pete’s Dragon plays, and it’s being played less as whimsy and more as a creepy mystery. That’s an interesting choice. Lots of shots of Pete looking a hell of a lot like the kid from The Road Warrior, lots of lush green New Zealand standing in for Oregon. 

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:54 am

Now a look at The Queen of Katwe.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:56 am

The film is the true story of a young chess prodigy from the slums of Katwe, Uganda. Lupita Noyong’o is back on stage talking about what the movie meant to her, being able to make the story, coming as she does from East Africa.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201511:57 am

Live Action Beauty and the Beast time.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:01 pm

Emma Watson recorded a greeting to fans that was sweet, followed by a painfully insincere video with Luke Evans and Josh Gad. And that’s all there is to the Beauty and the Beast portion of the presentation.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:02 pm

And now Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tale No Tales. What’s going to happen when Disney runs out of Pirate expressions?

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:03 pm

Will Turner officially announced to return as a character in Dead Men Tell No Tales

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:06 pm

Johnny Depp now on stage, in character as Jack Sparrow. He’s throwing grapes into the audience and being over lliteral about it and if you told me Depp is actually drunk I wouldn’t be shocked.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:06 pm

Grapes people. He’s throwing grapes. This is the world now.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:09 pm

OK finally we reach the last section. It’s lucasfilm time. Please don’t just be a free concert in the park.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:10 pm

Reminder: Hall H – all of Hall H was treated to a free Star Wars symphonic concert during Comic Con. At which I got a free lightsaber. My point is that I already have a lightsaber. Don’t need another one.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:12 pm

Someone shouted “STAR WARS” reminding us why we all waited for so long in these uncomfortable chairs. Thanks random hero. Finally the lucasfilm logo appears behind Alan Horn, to huge cheers.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:14 pm

Colin Trevorrow of Jurassic World confirmed to direct Star Wars Episode 9.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:17 pm

first cast photo from Rogue One just showed off.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:17 pm

OK “Now let’s talk about… The Force Awakens”. Loud cheers.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:18 pm

JJ Abrams is here. He’s spent like half of 2015 making convention appearances.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:19 pm

“I gotta say thank you to all of you… we’re so grateful for your unbelievable enthusiasm for your support and interest.” So says JJA.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:20 pm

“Epic Star Wars News” promised by JJA. We’re listening…

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:21 pm

John Boyega, Oscar Isaacs, Lupita Nyong’o and Daisy Ridley just brought out on stage.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:22 pm

Exclusive D23 poster showing JOhn Boyega holding a lightsaber designed by the original poster artist for the films.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:22 pm

Harrison Ford is out now. Standing o.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:24 pm

Bob Iger is coming out to make whatever the “Epic” star wars announcement is.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:27 pm

OK so they are really belaboring the point. Still no announcement. Just mentioning this so you know I didn’t die.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:28 pm

Iger is announcing that the rumors of a Star Wars land at Disneyland are true.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:30 pm

Largest ever single themed land expansion ever, he’s saying. Certainly the largest single themed reason to sit for more than two hours to get to this news.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:31 pm

Every store and restuarant “will be operated by local inhabitants”. Nothing will be out of character or stray from mythology. There will be a cantina as well.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:31 pm

You’ll have a chance to run into all the droids and romaning beasts that Star Wars is known for.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:32 pm

Two signature attraction, including “the ability to take control of” the MIllenium Falcon.

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:32 pm

“The first time our guests can immerse themselves in the real physical world that is Star Wars”

Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:33 pm

There will be two – At Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida, and the other in Anaheim. Loud cheers greets this announcement.

“We’re building a 14 acre Star Wars Land at Disneyland.”
Ross A. Lincoln August 15, 201512:35 pm

That’s the end of the presentation everyone. Meh the force be with you, I guess.