New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is running for the White House, but right now he’s just battling for a place at the “big table” at the next GOP debate on September 16 and so, it’s no surprise NBC announced this morning Christie will visit Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show on Monday, August 31.

It will be his first late-night talk show appearance since announcing his 2016 White House bid.

Previously, when Christie visited Fallon’s show on June 12, 2014, they celebrated Father’s Day by performing “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” – and clocked more than 9 million YouTube views.

Much of the media attention Christie has received these days is about his being likely to lose his spot in CNN’s Jake Tapper-helmed GOP debate. As of last last week, Christie was in 11th place among GOP hopefuls in some polls. CNN has said its first GOP debate will be split into two parts: one debate among candidates that national polls rank at the Top 10 GOP contenders, and another with the candidates “who didn’t make that cut.” When Fox News telecast the first GOP debate, Christie made the “big table” cut while other candidates — including Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and Carly Fiorina, among others — were sent to the “kids’ table,” as it became called.

Here’s Christie’s June 2014 Tonight Show appearance: