Yahoo investors have eagerly awaited this news: About 67% of the company’s value is tied up in the stock it owns in Chinese e-retailer Alibaba — which executives promised in January to turn over to Yahoo shareholders.

That process now is in motion with a filing at the SEC to create a publicly traded company, called Aabaco Holdings, that will house 384 million Alibaba shares, equal to about 15% of the total. It also will take Yahoo Small Business, described as “a cloud-based services platform that enables small business entrepreneurs to start, build, and grow their businesses.”

Yahoo owners will receive shares in Aabaco as a dividend by year’s end, the company says. It wants the transactions to be tax-free and is waiting for an IRS ruling on the matter. The IRS is weighing a rule change involving tax-free spinoffs and might put current reviews on hold.

Analysts probably will ask about the status of the ruling on Tuesday in a conference call after Yahoo releases its Q2 earnings. Its shares are up about 1% in after-market trading.