Warner Bros took over Comic-Con’s massive Hall H this morning and provided the latest intel on the progression of its DC Universe films, including the cast and new trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad as well as previews of Guy Ritchie’s Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Joe Wright’s Peter Pan origin story Pan. Here’s how the morning went down.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:28 am

Rumor has it the suicide squad might also be assembled for the first time. SQEEE.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:31 am

There’s a murmur in the room, everyone seems hungover yet excited. Not me of course, because I’m a professional. But these other clowns.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201510:31 am

WB has been priming the pump all week in San Diego for what’s to come in the next hour and a half.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:34 am

I admit I was kind of hoping Batman might embrace sustainable energy use with a hybrid batmobile. Way to fail Hollywood Liberals.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:36 am

The last few years have seen appearances from people who’ve never been before – Tom Cruise for (the hugely underrated) Edge of Tomorrow, BIll Murray back on Thursday, Michael Douglas last year for Ant-Man. Several members of the DC Cinematic Universe cast are in the same club. Kind of wondering if we’ll see the Fresh Prince.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:38 am

Also, rumors about DC casting news – hugely unsubstantiated I should add – hold that Chris Pine has been offered possibly two roles in DC Movies, either as Wonder Woman’s love interest, or as Green Lantern (Hal Jordan version.) I have no clue if there’s any merit to them, but worth mentioning now just to make sure I’m properly noting the enormous hype for DC. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:39 am

Which by the way has to be a pleasant change for both WB and DC. The early images of both Ben Affleck’s Batman and the Batman v. Superman version of Supes were quickly turned into joking memes. But with Marvel a no-show here in Hall H this year, it’s DC’s hall to lose, and I’m guessing they’re not planning on doing that.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:44 am

Eddie has taken the stage to introduce the panel. The crowd is screaming now.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:46 am

Here we go. First video. It’s a sizzle reel of WB films.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201510:46 am

Lots of seats to fill up on that stage.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:48 am

And here’s Moderator Aisha Tyler kicking things off.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:49 am

She’s promising “awesome” footage. “I’ve seen the footage three times. Alone, in bed, at night. Maybe I said too much.”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:49 am

Incidentally, she’s making a white suit work like no one else. Truly she’s the greatest hero of all. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:51 am

first video is a truly exciting trailer for The Man From UNCLE. Completely retro aesthetic, and really playing up the cold war glamor in a way not seen since the 70s. I kind of loved it.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:52 am

Guy Ritchie filmed a video for the Hall H presentation. The Man From UNCLE director is swearing like a sailor. Lots of laughs because who doesn’t love bleeped out f bombs. I don’t want to live in a world where we don’t.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201510:53 am

Will Henry Cavill be getting double-time pay for this? First of his two WB movies on the morning….

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:53 am

A new trailer for Man From UNCLE playing, but it’s basically a reworked version of the trailer we saw a few weeks back. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:54 am

New footage but similar scenes. Much like Kingsmen, Man From UNCLE really looks like it’s reaching HARD for a Roger Moore Bond vibe. NOT A COMPLAINT.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:54 am

Well, Roger Moore but kicking ass like Daniel Craig. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:57 am

By the way, some trivia for Deadline readers. Original Man From Uncle star David Macallum was also a songwriter. He cowrote The Edge with David Axelrod, which was later used as the sample for Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” Now you know how hip hop classics link back to classic spy fiction. You’re welcome. Also this trailer has a lot of new material, and I’m kind of being sucked in by it.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:58 am

Lots of visceral car chases, karate chops, brutal take downs, and high 60s fashions in this thing. LOVE.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201510:59 am

Henry Cavill brought out for The Man From UNCLE panel, along with Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, and Elizabeth Debicki.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:02 am

The Man From UNCLE panel questions are largely ephemeral, questions about the period, about the style, about the action comedy of the film. It’s winning but not much to report. SPOILER: The actors had fun playing around in a 1960s setting. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:04 am

first fan question is directed to Henry Cavill by a guy wearing a Superman shirt. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:06 am

Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been excited for a Guy Ritchie film, but the more I see of Man From UNCLE the more enthused I’m getting. Between this and Kingsmen, it’s gratifying the way the Craig era Bond and Bourne films have made it safe to go camp in spy fiction again.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:07 am

Now the next video. It’s a trailer for Pan and it’s awesome, a flying sailing ship being shot at by British Spitfires. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:08 am

Not much to it, short short short. But fun. Now the panel with the stars of the film. Hugh Jackman enters the stage to HUGE applause. Also, he is very handsome.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:09 am

director Joe Wright, and stars Levi Miller, and Garret Hedlund also on stage.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:11 am

“I’m gonna guarantee you’ll see Neverland like you’ve never seen it before, through Joe Wright’s eye’s.” Hugh Jackman, whose vast experience with panels like this is paying off with his ability to credibly sell anything. “This guy’s a visionary,” he says of Wright.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201511:11 am

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:12 am

New trailer for Pan is playing now, first time it’s been shown anywhere. Setting up the origin story of Peter Pan the film depicts

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:13 am

Trailer wants you to know it’s from the studio that brought us Harry Potter. Just in case you’re curious about the intended demo.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:13 am

By the way, here’s that Man From UNCLE trailer: https://deadline.com/2015/07/man-from-uncle-trailer-comic-con-exclusive-warner-bros-1201474271/

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:15 am

Pan has “huge practical sets”. About that, Wright says “I’m not sure it would have been less expensive doing it in CGI… I just felt it would give us a more immersive experience, I felt it would help Levi to know his place in that world, and it would help me.” 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:15 am

Levi Miller: “It was like walking into another theme park.”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:16 am

“Every day was pretty magical, Joe has this way of keeping morale up, there was music, all the crew was dancing and singing… It was fantastic.” Hugh Jackman says “this is one of the most fun movies I’ve ever made. And by the way the pirate ships are full scale, full built… it was incredible.”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:17 am

additional footage exclusive to comic con is about to be shown right now. Introduction of Blackbeard (Jackman) in the film.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:21 am

Hugh Jackman is absolutely magical in this scene. Full on stage acting hamminess, almost a parody of Shakesperean acting, flamboyant and menacing, or as Jackman just described it, “somehow frighting and ridiculous at the same time.”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:24 am

Pan panel is over. The Pan-el I mean. Speaking of “el” here’s the batman superman part of the day.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:27 am

the crowd is freaking out about this DC sizzle reel that showed first glimpses of Suicide SQUAD and the Justice League members in character and I’m kind of freaking out too. It looks incredible. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:27 am

An audience member just shouted “I LOVE YOU ZACH SNYDER”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:28 am

OH hell, they’re showing off the first official trailer for Suicide Squad.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:28 am

mostly concept art but cool nonetheless.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:29 am

And it looks like they’re bringing them onstage. David Ayer strolling out onstage now.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:30 am

“You guys run this shit, we’re making this movie for you. it’s all about canon, it’s all about being true to the source material. You know what you want and we’re going to give it to you.” David Ayer pumping the crowd up like a Pro Wrestler.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:30 am

“I’m not trying to start an east coast west coast fued with marvel comicsbut… DC has the best villains”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:31 am

Now we’re getting a real trailer for Suicide Squad. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:33 am

“Maybe Superman was some kind of beacon that drew them from the shadows”. The film’s version of Amanda Waller setting up the tone of the DC movieverse. Also, the trailer has a discordant cover of I Started A Joke that works perfectly to set the tone.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:34 am

Suddenly Jared Leto’s Joker doesn’t seem like a joke anymore. “Oh I’m not gonna kill you. I’m just gonna hurt you really really badly.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:36 am

now the full cast. The crowd completely lost their shit when Will Smith came out.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:37 am

Now we’re getting Batman V. Superman time. Hold on while I tremble and sweat.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:38 am

Someone just shouted out “BATFLECK!”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:39 am

Zach Snyder coming out to the stage to the Batman v. Superman them score.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201511:39 am

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:41 am

I’ve been deeply skeptical of the DC films for a long time – I hated, for instance, the Dark Knight Rises  (please forgive me Mike Fleming!) – but WB and DC is expertly establishing their differences from the Marvel movies and making it look like it isn’t just me tooing, it’s actually going to be exciting. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how the DCverse plays out.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:42 am

The cast is out now. Holly Hunter, Henry Cavill, Jeremy Irons, Jessie Eisenberg, and Gal Gadot. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:42 am

And Ben Affleck!

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:42 am

now a comic con exclusive look at the movie.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:45 am

guys, holy crap.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:46 am

a single scene of Gal Gadot kicking as as Wonder Woman and the audience blew up like the Death Star. 

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:47 am

Bruce Wayne turns out to have been in Metropolis at the end of Man of Steel. His experience in the destruction of metropolis is why he’s motivated to oppose Superman. Meanwhile, Eisenberg is playing Luthor like a sarcastic kid, and it’s kind of cool.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:49 am

“We’ve done stuff in Man of Steel to launch this conflict [credibly]” -Snyder explaining how the film’s plot makes sense in DC canon.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:49 am

“We put Gotham and Metropolis right next to each other – it makes sense for us in our story that they’re kind of sister cities across a big bay, it’s like Oakland and San Francisco.”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:51 am

I’m genuinely surprised how well this trailer sells this film. I know, I know, that’s the point, but this film has had a lot of baggage. Especially given the long shadow of Marvel and a lot of criticism aimed at Man of Steel. I think we can consider the benefit of the doubt firmly given to WB and DC henceforth. Rightly so.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:52 am

“I”ve been given a huge opportunity to show this strong beautufil side of women. She has the strength of a supern hero but at the same time she’s loving, sophisticated and has a lot of emotional intelligence.” Gal Gadot explaining Wonder Woman to HUGE applause.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:53 am

OH and Amy Adams is on stage. Sorry for the omission. Especially since she plays what I think is the best-ever version of Lois Lane.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:53 am

“I’ve wanted to play Lois Lane since I was five years old.”

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:55 am

“Especially Christopher Reeve did such a fantastic job, it was dangerous for me to go anywhere near that. I just followed official canon, and Zach.” – Cavill on how he plays SUperman.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:55 am

“I have this vision for him, he’s old, he’s kind of a burnout” big laughs as Ben Affleck talks about what Snyder pitched to him re playing Batman.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:57 am

Affleck tells a story of how he ran into Christian Bale in a costume shop shortly after it was announced he’s playing Batman, and Affleck asked Bale for advice. “Yeah,” said Bale, “Make sure you can piss in that suit”. Imagine Affleck imitating Bale’s ‘natural’ accent when he tells it.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:58 am

I love how the trailer emphasizes the terror and awe that we’d feel if a literal physical god from outer space showed up. While my heart belongs to Reeve’s Superman, I’m excited for an exploration of that. Sorry to babble readers, but I really just got sold, hard, on this movie for the first time.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201511:59 am

The first fan question is from an adorable kid dressed as Two Face.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201512:00 pm
Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201512:01 pm

“The whole idea of wealth and power, and how power engenders fear… made it feel real to me. I’m even more proud to be a part of that.” – Ben Affleck talking about the philosophical overtones of Batman v. Superman.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201512:03 pm

Affleck clarifies that Christian Bale was buying his son a suit, “he doesn’t just hang out” at a costume shop. 

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201512:03 pm

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201512:04 pm

They’re showing that Batman v. Superman trailer again, ending the panel.

Ross A. Lincoln July 11, 201512:08 pm

Guys, the trailer is still good. And that’s a wrap on the WB Hall H panel. We learned a lot about ourselves, didn’t we? I know I did. I learned I’m very susceptible to super hero movie marketing. No regrets.

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201512:08 pm

Next up for Affleck and Cavill we’re hearing: Confirming Deadline’s scoop earlier this week that they’re headed to the DC Entertainment booth on the floor for autograph signing around 1 PM PT. 

Patrick Hipes July 11, 201512:17 pm

Here is the Batman V Superman trailer that just played once more for the Hall H crazies. https://deadline.com/2015/07/batman-v-superman-trailer-comic-con-dawn-of-justice-video-1201474297/