By far the most hysterical panel at Comic-Con, ABC’s The Muppets received an uproarious response from the crowd in Room 6A as Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie the Bear, Rowlf, Pepe and Rizzo Rat elbowed themselves while discussing their new fall show. It marks the first time the Muppets have attended Comic-Con. What does Kermit think of it so far? “I don’t think I’d make it across the tracks,” said the frog about the dual railroads in front of the San Diego Convention Center.

The while idea of brining The Muppets back to TV started with The Big Bang Theory EP Bill Prady, who cut his teeth writing for Jim Henson on both Muppet shorts and Fraggle Rock.

“If Jim (Henson) saw the kinds of shows that were on the air today, such as The Office, he would make fun of them,” said Prady about the docu-comedy style of The Muppets. The show takes place behind the scenes Miss Piggy’s new late night show — which follows Jimmy Kimmel’s. Fozzie is her sidekick on the show, Kermit the producer, Scooter the talent booker, Pepe and Rizzo are her writers, and Bobo the bear is the stage manager.

Prady says that contemporary music artists will be performing on the show. At the onset of the panel, Prady introduced the 10 minute pitch reel they took to ABC. In it, Kermit is trying to hold a massive office meeting with the Muppets about their new show. He’s seeing a new girlfriend, Denise the pig. This nearly puts their new ABC show in peril as Miss Piggy wants no business with Kermit, however, the two reconcile by the end of the short so that the show can go on. Fozzie is seeing a human girl, much to the dismay of her parents. His girlfriend’s father asked “Where will your kids go to the bathroom? In the woods?” — a question which offends Fozzie. When asked how excited they were about the new show, Gonzo (Dave Goelz) quipped  to the crowd “We don’t have deals yet.”

Also appearing on the panel were director and EP Randal Einhorn (who directed on The Office), EP and voiceover performer Bill Barretta (Pepe), EP Bob Kushell as well as voiceover artists Steve Whitmire (Kermit) and Eric Jacobson (Fozzie, Miss Piggy).