Stephen Colbert has been getting his fans accustomed to his non-faux-gasbag self in advance of his September unveiling on CBS’s Late Show. But he’s been doing so in short YouTube videos. So, he headed West to Monroe, Michigan, aka birthplace of the La-Z-Boy and General George Custer, in order to guest host a 40-minute public access TV show, Only In Monroe.

During his program, he addressed the online war being waged between Jerry’s Frenchtown Bar & Grill and a Yelper known “only as Mark M, which means he’s totally anonymous among the five Mark M’s living in Monroe.” Seems Mark stopped in for lunch – in the late 90s –  including a burger and beer, and the bill came to $9.50. Mark M was pretty steamed about the bill for that last-century lunch, and trash talked the pricetag on Yelp 16 years later. Bar owner responded, sarcastically – two years later. “This thing is really picking up steam,” Colbert reported.

Mark M fired back, noting Yelp did not exist when he had the lunch at the bar. “Where I live in New York City the best lunch you can get for $9.50 is a bum spitting in your mouth, ” Colbert noted. But, when he checked the price of the burger and beer at the bar now, it was lower which, Colbert concluded is either proof of previous price gouging “or someone on the Internet is making a big deal about nothing.” Either way, the situation is tearing apart the community, Colbert said, and wrote a check for the difference, telling Mark M to come in and pick it up. “Let the healing begin.”

Colbert also interviewed Marshall Mathers, “a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music,” who never knew what hit him.

“I’m so confused right now, I’m trying to figure out if you’re serious,” Eminem tells Colbert at one point in the interview, during which Colbert explained rap is a great hobby but he needs a career to pay the bills, and tried to get Eminem to join him in singing Bob Seger tunes.