Bella Thorne will return to this season of MTV’s cult classic remake Scream, producers announced during the show’s panel on Day 2 of Comic-Con. Thorne’s character Nina, the series’ first causality, was brutally killed in the pilot episode. The producers and Thorne were mum on the timing but said Nina would pop up in flashbacks.

The show follows the aftermath of the death of the school bully, connecting a group of teens to past murder sprees and unraveling Lakewood’s secrets. The panel included exec producers Jill Blotevogel and Jaime Paglia as well as cast members Thorne, Willa Fitzgerald, John Karna, Amadeus Serafini, and Connor Weil.

As with most horror flicks, the exec producers assured fans that no one is safe. “Anyone can go at any time … You don’t know right now whether any of these people [on the panel] might be dead,” Paglia said. “It’s amazing though,” he joked. “I’ve never been on a show where you call any of your cast members and they never pick up and they don’t want to call you back.”

So who’s the killer? None of the cast members know, but they said it could be any one of them. “Kieran is definitely going to be a suspect,” Serafini said of his mysterious character. “I don’t trust anyone on this cast, someone is hiding something,” added Karna.

Initially the producers considered “supernatural” version of Kevin Williamson’s popular franchise. They ultimately decided to stay true to the original while keeping the two worlds separate. Producers also decided to take a traditional TV approach versus making it an anthology such as American Horror Story. “We want to follow the characters after they go through their first experiences,” Paglia said. “So this begs the question, are viewers going to get a resolution as to who the killer is?” Although not all questions will be answered, producers hope viewers will get “satisfying answers” by the end of the season.

Although they hope to create the show’s own identity, one thing that cannot be left out is the iconic phone call scene, which first occurred in episode 2. Blotevogel, who wrote the episode, was well aware of the importance of getting it right. “The idea I liked was that ‘who calls you that you trust completely?'” In a change from the movie, the series will use other forms of communication, Paglia noted, “You’re not necessarily going to get a phone call every week because we’re using social media in general.”

Scream airs Tuesday nights on MTV.