At the close of Once Upon a Time‘s Comic-Con panel, those in ballroom 20 watched as footage revealed that Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave is coming to Storybrooke. She will be portrayed by Scottish actress Amy Manson, who was recently seen in the BBC series Atlantis. In addition, there was an earlier clip showing Emma Swan’s (Jennifer Morrison) transition to the dark side.

Comic-Con International 2015 - "Once Upon A Time" PanelThe closing Merida footage showed the feet of a long-dressed Highlands woman, and close-ups of her hands shooting arrows and splitting them in their targets. Earlier, the clip of Swan’s bleached blonde witch showed her incarcerated, ripping the heart out of the warden delivering her food. Holding it in her hand, Swan turns the heart to ash. The room roared.

Other hints dropped during the session which included the entire top-line cast, was that the 100th episode hasn’t been planned yet, but it will time to the series’ spring premiere per co-creator Adam Horowitz.  It’s been known for some time that season 5 will be set in Camelot which Horowitz said “is going to be set in a parallel timeline.”

Another hysterical parody clip shown during the session included Three Who Stayed about the regular citizens of Storybrooke. Featured in the clip was Freida a dry cleaner, Lara Lewis who is the daughter of the blind witch in Hansel & Gretel, and Mr. Gold’s accountant, who was portrayed by Patton Oswalt. His accountant cracked, “If you animate mops to work , do you have to fill out 29 W9 forms for each one? The answer is yes. Animated mops wringing out each other? That’s time and a half.”

Deadline broke the Once Upon A Time news connected to Comic-Con yesterday with guest recurring roles announced for Elliot Knight as Merlin, Joana Metrass as Guinevere and Andrew Jenkins as Arthur’s most trusted knight, Percival.

The upcoming season will center on the Savior, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), becoming the new Dark One, and the search for Merlin, who is the only one who can save her. Last year at Comic-Con, Frozen cast additions drove fans nuts in Ballroom 20.

Season 5 of Once Upon A Time premieres September 27.