Minions is in the driver’s seat and tracking right now between $100M and $115M+ for the three-day as Friday matinee numbers are rolling in. So far, and it is very early, the latest in the animated family franchise could log a Friday gross of $40M-$45M. Not too shabby for Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. movies-minions-scarlet-overkillThe rest of the pack are as expected with Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out and Universal’s Jurassic World playing out as they did all during the week, with the animated family film slightly ahead of the dinosaurs with around $15M+.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’ The Gallows is right in line with estimates with maybe $10M to $11M for the three-day, but the true core audience of this film (that front-loaded Friday horror crowd) will line up tonight.

It looks like the gallows for Focus Features’ sci-fi drama Self/Less, which is dangling in early matinees showing that a similar demo is opting for the competitive horror flick. It will be under $10M for certain — way under, like maybe $5M. That’s how it looks right now, but as we said, it’s waaaaay early in the day. Stay tuned.