London-based producer Spencer Soloman has announced the launch of Barking Duck Productions, an outfit devoted to identifying and developing narrative film, documentaries, scripted drama and comedy for audiences in both the U.S. and the UK. Barking Duck is established as an independent company focused on “unique content”; the outfit will look to digital and streaming spaces for both distribution and new talent.

Working in film, tv and theater since 2004, Soloman previously produced and developed various commercial productions under his Pure Image Productions banner. He produced the short film For George, which took numerous awards at festivals, and the short film Gnomeland, both of which were directed by film, tv and theater choreographer Francesca Jaynes. Jaynes and Soloman are currently producing another short film, Once A Dancer. Soloman also collaborates with producer Shruti Rya Ganguly, developing inventive digital content, and is currently developing projects with Daniel Radcliffe.