Spoiler Alert: details about tonight’s season 2 premiere of The Strain

The Strain EP Guillermo del Toro showed off the prologue to tonight’s episode, one of the two sequences he directed this coming season. He explained that he drew inspiration for ancient, Eastern European tale from his Nanny, “who use to tell me the scariest (bedtime) stories at night.”

In the clip, we see one of the vampire’s transferring the worms into the mouth of a rather large villager, worms and all.

del Toro pitched the sequence to fellow EP Carlton Cuse over dinner. “I was picking up the bill and I didn’t want him to order much, so I told him about the transfer. I told him it should be beautiful and disgusting.”

“I didn’t order the pasta,” added Cuse.

del Toro also informed the crowd about the second black and white sequence he directed for episode 4, which is in black and white, takes place in a Mexican restaurant and introduces a wrestler character. The scene serves as a nod to del Toro’s Latin roots.

Season 2 of The Strain starts with Eph (Corey Stoll) and Nora’s (Mia Maestro) crew hide out in Vasiliy Fet’s (Kevin Durand) Brooklyn-based workshop, as they devise a plan to take down the Strigoi’s menacing and immortal leader, The Master.