You were expecting maybe a Prius? It appears that the female parapsychologists in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot will be getting a retro ride, just as their mid-’80s forebears did. Director Paul Feig tweeted a photo tonight of the new Ecto-1, which has no shortage of sirens and whistles like the tricked-out ’59 Caddy ambulance from the originals. This one looks like it might have been in a funeral parlor’s driveway when the Bill Murray-Dan Aykroyd-Harold Ramis romp came out in 1984. Check out the bitchin’ hood ornament, pinstripes and lemon-yellow cherry top. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones will be cruising in style as they hunt their ghostly quarry.

So can you dig it, folks? Or is this a modern fail of ectoplasmatic proportions? Let us know. Here is the new ride, and we’ve added a couple snaps of the original Ecto-1 below for comparison’s sake:

Ecto-1 2015

Ecto-1 side

Ecto-1 front