“It all started with the hippos.” That’s the kind of sentence that usually suggests a whimsical journey of self discovery, but in this instance it’s the introduction to what happens when adjectives like “picaresque” are combined with “completely full of it”. I Touched All Your Stuff concerns the bizarre, true story of Oregonian Chris Kirk, a con artist who became intrigued by the hippos living on the former compound of deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar, and ended up in South America where, at least in his telling, he became involved with a mysterious woman and was perhaps unjustly convicted of drug smuggling. It’s too convoluted and weird to sum up, but suffice to say, it’s a crazy, and hard to swallow story told to the filmmakers by a charismatic, nebbishly unassuming man who may or may not be making a lot of things up.

Directed by Maíra Bühler and Matias Mariani, the film opens August 28 in New York and Los Angeles in the Us.