It’s official. There will be no repeat one of the most controversial events of last year’s Comic-Con San Diego in 2015. Organizers of the annual confab confirmed on their Facebook page that this year’s Zombie Walk is cancelled.

“For everyone inquiring about whether there is a walk this year, the simple answer is no, there will not be a walk this year. The event is on indefinite hiatus due to legal matters stemming from the vehicular incident following last year’s walk.”  The group says for those who still want to “zombify” there’s a horror-themed meet-up/photo op taking place at Children’s Park at 5 PM Saturday.

A 64-year-old woman was struck and seriously injured when a deaf driver drove through an intersection during the walk last July. An October Zombie Walk that had been scheduled before the accident in the same location also was cancelled, and there were indications at that time that there would be no walk at this year’s Comic-Con. That is now official.

The accident case is still going through the courts. The driver, Matthew Pocci faces trial in San Diego on a charge “reckless driving causing great bodily injury.” He faces three years in state prison if convicted.